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Rob Morris

WinCo Bringing Unique Supermarket Concept to Moore

Nov 17, 2016

- Shoppers in Moore are about to get another option when it comes to groceries. Construction of a new WinCo Foods store is underway at 19th Street and Fritts Boulevard. While the name may not be familiar to many in this part of the country, shoppers in the west and northwest rave about the store. 


Perhaps one of the most unique aspects of WinCo Foods is that it is an employee-owned company, which helps keep costs down. We talked with a WinCo spokesperson who insisted that we not use names because everyone with the company is considered to be equally important to a great customer experience.


“We’re an employee-owned company,” said the WinCo spokesperson. “We all see ourselves as being on the same level as owners and so we don’t want to put anyone on a different level, even when talking about our business.”


Shared ownership is just one of the ways WinCo keeps costs down.


The WinCo spokesperson said, “it drives us to keep our costs as low as possible so that we don’t have to pass it on to the consumer and it also drives our customer service and drives every employee - from the clerk to the CEO - to do the best job possible.”


There are a couple of other things WinCo does that helps keep costs down as well. One of those is that the store accepts only debit cards and cash.


“We don’t take credit cards because that’s an extra cost per transaction that has to be passed on to the customers,” said the spokesperson. “We take debit cards and cash and we want people to know that so that they’re not surprised by it.”


Another cost-saving concept — while WinCo employees are more than happy to help people bag their groceries if they need help, you won’t find grocery baggers there. 


“Our checkout lanes have two belts and a gate that swings one way or the other, so when somebody is checking out, the groceries go down one lane,” said the spokesperson. “When they’re done they can go down and bag their grocers. Then the gate swings and the next customer steps up. It’s a pretty neat little system that allows that.”


Another big cost-saving area is that WinCo buys in very big quantities, dealing directly with suppliers. This includes general merchandise, produce, and meat.


“We’re building a distribution center in Denton, Texas and that center is not only serving our 9 stores in the Dallas area, it’s big enough that it’s going to serve 30 stores in the region and that’s great for Oklahoma,” said the spokesperson.


But if you ever talk to someone who has shopped at a WinCo store you’ll almost certainly hear about the massive bulk foods section, which features hundreds of items to choose from.


“We make a point of making it a special feature in our stores, so if folks want a little candy or pasta or peanut butter powder or a whole lot of it, or they want some dried veggies for soups or snacking, we offer that right down to spices and dog treats,” said the WinCo spokesperson. “It’s all about offering customers variety and amounts that suit the customer at the lowest price possible.”


In addition to the variety of bulk foods offered, shoppers will also find values that are unique to their own geographical area.


The WinCo spokesperson said, “We reflect the tastes of the desires of the consumer where each store is located and we believe this kind of attention to detail and response to customer needs creates greater brand loyalty.”


The store is projected to be open in 2017, but no specific date has been set.

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