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Rob Morris

Ultimate Smart Home Features Moore Company

Jul 18, 2017

The house feels like something out of a not-to-distant science fiction movie. Room after room filled with high-tech devices that respond to anyone who enters, providing entertainment, education, medical care, meal preparation, and much more. But it’s not the future. It’s happening right now, part of the “Cox Smart Home,” a demonstration of more than 60 connected smart devices that utilize the company’s cutting edge internet service to turn any home into a responsive environment.


Trifecta Communications of Moore was one of a list of high-profile companies invited to participate in the Smart Home experience. Trifecta has proven itself to be one of the region’s top developers of a new wave of interactive technology known as “mixed reality.” Mixed reality covers such categories as augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), and 360º video. For the Cox Smart Home Trifecta’s chief technologist Patrick Glueck said the company chose to display a cutting edge children’s book that is enhanced with augmented reality.


“It’s a unique product that’s attached to a book entitled, ‘Calm in Your Palm,’” said Glueck. “The Calm in Your Palm books help families bond through valuable experiences and traditions, and we created a Calm in Your Palm augmented reality app that brings the book to life.”


There are two books in the series so far, both authored by Renée Adams, the founder of Calm in Your Palm. When you walk into the children’s bedroom of the Cox Smart Home the book looks like any other book, lying on the bed. But when you scan the pages of the book using Trifecta’s Calm in Your Palm app, the book comes to life in unique and winsome ways.


“We think it’s a fantastic blend of the old and the new for children,” said Glueck. “Renée has created this amazing tool that helps bond families in powerful ways through images and the written word. What Trifecta has done has found a way to use augmented reality to help children engage with traditional story-telling tools in a completely new way.”


Glueck said the Calm in Your Palm app uses a technique that scans a target image, in this case, pictures in the book, and connects it to a 3D, video, audio, or still images that appear above the page as if by magic. The technology is entrancing for anyone, but especially for children, helping draw them deeper into the experience and hopefully increasing the child’s desire to read more.


“Augmented reality is still a very new technology that we believe is going to change the way everyone interacts with the world,” said Glueck. “We’ve been working with AR since October of 2014 and have had the chance to do some exciting projects with the University of Oklahoma, the Cowboy Western Heritage Museum, and other organizations and businesses.”


Glueck says that Trifecta is currently working with Adams on a new AR experience for her second book, “The Birthday Angel.” The company also has a slew of other mixed reality projects in development. It was this commitment to mixed reality that caught the attention of Cox Communications as they prepared for the debut of their Oklahoma City area Smart Home.


Cox has been traveling across America showcasing these smart homes as a way to demonstrate the level of technology that’s available to consumers right now. The home is powered by Cox’s high-speed broadband network and features more than 60 smart devices, all connected for ease of use.


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