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Luke Schumacher
Luke Schumacher

Moore Disc Golf Returns

Jun 28, 2017

Just over four years ago, an EF5 tornado tore apart sections of Moore. Among the devastation was the newly-opened disc golf course at Little River Park. The Moore Disc Golf Association (MDGA) had just christened the course with a huge tournament, drawing players from all across the region. Chris “Sparky” Molskness, president of the MDGA, says the storm left an open wound.


“Little River was our home, and we wanted it back,” said Molskness. “It was like we were never allowed to heal.”


Now, four years later, the Moore Disc Golf Association finally gets that opportunity.


On the four-year anniversary of the tornado, the MDGA announced its new partnership with the First Baptist Church of Moore to build a new course.


“It started out with just a couple of guys that asked me to play disc golf one day,” said Doug Mikes, First Baptist Church Disc Golf Oversight team leader. “From there we talked about the possibility of a disc golf ministry and putting a course on the land.”


Through a chain of events, Mikes and other members of the church met with Molskness and the partnership was born.


“It was almost divine intervention,” said Molskness. “It’s an amazing partnership.”


Divine intervention it may be. It just so happened that John Houck, the number one disc golf course designer in the world, came across the story of the small town crisis and has now volunteered his services in the redesign the course.


“We read the newspaper story about the tornado,” said Dee Houck, John’s wife. “We wanted to give back to the community, and we thought what better way than to donate our services.”


John built his first course in 1984 and recently opened his 100th course. A common theme about his courses and disc golf, in general, is that it brings people together and changes lives.


“We’ve heard wonderful stories about people who have gotten their life on a different track because of disc golf,” said John. “That runs anywhere from people who have got off drugs to families and relationships that have improved because of disc golf.”


In addition to bringing people together, both First Moore and the MDGA want to add other life-changing programs.  One example would be the installation of an EDGE course. These courses are designed for children and implement STEM education into disc golf.


“The EDGE program is an amazing program,” said Molskness. “This will get kids off the couch and get them outside to play. The excitement on their face is insane.”


Also, the MDGA is working on becoming an official 501c3 non-profit organization. These efforts are all for the benefit of the community, and both the MDGA and First Baptist members are excited about the positive impact it will have.


“One of the main things is having a family friendly environment,” said Mikes. “One of our key things is ‘Love God, Love others,’ so this is a good way for us to reach out to the community and show God’s love.”


“This is a labor of love,” said Dee. “We hope the community will have a course they’re proud of for years to come.”


The course is scheduled to open in the fall, but the team also intends to upgrade the course by planting numerous trees after the opening.


To inquire about donating trees, contact Kris Molskness at (405) 887-2652 or contact the Moore Disc Golf Association through their Facebook page.

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