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Rob Morris

Avondale Square Hopes to Spark East Side Renaissance

Feb 09, 2017

With the opening of the new Avondale Square retail and office space on Eastern
Avenue, Josh Kitchen and Chad Cobble are betting many Moore business owners and residents are ready to look past the popular 19th Street corridor.


Kitchen, who is Vice President of McAlister Construction and a half-interest partner in Boss Investments LLS, says the timing is right for a new vision in Moore.


“There are a lot of families and a lot of rooftops on the east side of Moore,” said Kitchen. “But it’s difficult to travel from the east side down 19th Street.”


The Avondale Square vision was part of McAlister Construction’s overall plan for the area in 2013, beginning with building homes that are all craftsman style, high efficiency, and geothermal.

“We had a vision for this side of Moore that we wanted to be not only a good residential concept,” said Kitchen, “We also wanted a nice buffer for the neighborhood of a Class A office project.”


In 2014 Kitchen approached long-time friend and local businessman Chad Cobble with the idea of teaming up. Cobble had moved his insurance business to Old Town Moore after the 2013 tornado.


“I was in a spot I considered to be a temporary location,” said Cobble. “Josh hit me at the perfect time because we wanted to either build or buy a location in Moore.”


Cobble grew up in Moore and said that when he dreamed of owning his own business he pictured that business being in his hometown. He also agrees with Kitchen that it was time for somebody to invest in Moore’s east side.


“We were definitely looking forward to expanding business on this side of town because I also saw what Greg and Josh saw,” said Cobble. “There’s a need on this side of town for professional tenants and we’ll see a lot of growth on this side of town and we want to be a part of it.”


Once the partnership was set, through a company called “Boss Investments”, the team went to work on the development.


“Our vision was high-end offices, classic space, nice retail, and then a coffee shop, barbecue, that sort of thing,” said Kitchen. “We weren’t going to skimp on anything but make it as nice as anything you see on 19th and in some ways, we think it’s even nicer.”

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