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Rob Morris

Angels Among Us: Connecticut Charity Brings Truckload of Love to Southmoore

Jul 02, 2013


Al DiGuido remembers the moment well. He was sitting at a fundraiser for a charity that supports a particular childhood illness reflecting on how lucky he was that his family was healthy. As he continued to consider his own good fortune he felt the call to do something more than just donate to charities. So he formed "Al's Angels" in 2004. The organization's mission: providing moments of joy and comfort to families that are challenged by childhood cancer, rare blood diseases, AIDS, domestic violence and financial hardship.

On Tuesday, Al and his friend Joe Hemway arrived at Southmoore High School after a 1600 mile drive from Connecticut. They were delivering a load of teddy bears destined to end up in the hands of children impacted by the May 20 tornados.

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